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Ditch the mascara and wake up looking gorgeous. Classic extensions give you added length and slight volume - fantastic for everyday wear. Individual eyelash extension applied to a single lash.

Classic Lashes Full Set / 2 hours - $120



Perfect for people who are happy with the natural length of their eyelashes but desire a fuller look as their lashes are fine or sparse. They are darker than classic sets, adding richness to your overall look. Volume eyelash extensions are anywhere from 2-6 super fine, super light, hand-made fans, applied to a single natural lash. Please note, Gold Coast Lash Lounge hand-make our volume fans which takes time and requires an advanced skill level.

Natural Volume 2D - 3D / 2 hours – 2 hours 30mins - $180

2- 3 light weight extensions attached to a single lash, creating a natural but fluffy and full look.

Russian Volume 3D – 7D / 3 hours - 3 hours 30mins - $250

Experience the latest innovation in eyelash extensions, get these breathtaking 3-4 dimensional eyelash extensions and wow the crowd.

Hybrid Set / 2 hours 30mins - 3 hours - $180

Not sure if volume or classic is right for you? Why not try them both? A hybrid is a blend of classic lashes and Russian volume lashes. This dynamic combo creates a textured look and adds extra dimension and more darkness than a regular classic set.



Infills are strictly based on time.  A standard fill is 2-3 weeks after previous service or 50% lashes left per eye.  If you are needing more time or would like your lashes to be fuller within the service style - please book the extended fill. All infills need to be applied within 3 weeks, otherwise a full set will be required. The longer the infill appointment, the more lashes we can apply.

Classic Infill

60mins - $70

75min - $85

Volume Infill

75mins - $90

90mins - $120

Hybrid Infill

75mins – $80

90mins - $100

Lash Removal / 30mins - $30

Lash extensions are removed using a special adhesive-dissolving paste whilst laying down with eyes closed. Please do not try and remove lashes yourself at home; you may risk temporarily or permanently damaging your lashes or hair follicles, which will affect future growth.

Lash Lift and Tint / 75min - $80

The process lifting or 'perming' your natural lashes.  Leaving you with curled lashes for 6-8 weeks and give you that no mascara look.